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Currently Craving: A Touch Of Red

Currently Craving: A Touch Of Red

I love my blacks, nudes, greys and whites, but sometimes even I’m in for a pop of colour. Red shoes are a great way to start and the best thing: the go perfect with all my favorite neutral colours. Okay, I have to admit: I wouldn’t be able to walk in these Ayede Nola heels any longer than 2 minutes, but still, the v-neck plus the suede are a double must for me. Read More →

Monthly Memo

November Memo

November Memo

What I’ve been up to in October

The Month: Wow, where did the time go? I feel like I didn’t get anything done (and as you can see by the lack of posts it’s at least true for my blogging schedule, oops) and my to do list is about 100 km long. I’ve started a new job which is quite a bit of work – but let’s stop with the boring stuff for now and move on to the fun things. Read More →

Some Art

"primitiverer" stil
Anton Stankovski (19
Landon Metz  Varying
Love List

Love List #3

love list blog

From long coats to haircare

How is November already half way gone? I’m not ready for winter weather even though I like chunky knitwear and hot drinks. Speaking of hot drinks: tea is a must for colder days (I still love my coffee, though) and is definitely one of my favorite things.

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Nude By Nature

nude by nature

Green Makeup from Australia

By now, I’m pretty sure that most of you have already heard about Nude by Nature. When I first read about the Australian beauty brand, I thought that it sounded great, but – a new beauty brand? Again? Yes, the packaging was pretty enough to make me dream about the rose gold details, but what could be so amazing about the makeup? But there must be some truth behind it. After all, it’s Australia’s number one natural cosmetic brand and not only good for your skin (according to Nude by Nature), but also cruelty free. When I discovered a limited edition aka the starter kit, I decided that it was time to find out.

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